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Ithaca Women's rugby provides an opportunity for women of all ages and athletic abilities to participate in the great sport of rugby. Based in Ithaca, NY, the program serves New York's Southern Tier, welcoming ruggers from Cortland, Binghamton and beyond!
One of the fastest growing women's sports
in America, rugby is a great way to stay
athletically involved and meet new you get to tackle people. 
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  Latest Updates:

  We're gearing up for Fall 2016 - come join us! No 
  experience necessary!

 Practice begins on Tuesday, August 30! Become an Avenger!  Email us for more information!

  Not sure if rugby is right for you? Check out our 
  Rugby 101 page with a FAQ section.  

  Fall 2016 Schedule:  
  DATE          LOC                   OPPONENT                 RESULT
​  9/17         Home             North Buffalo
  10/1        Away             Rochester
  10/15      Home            Uticuse
  5/29        Saratoga       Championship    

  Email us for more information!! No experience necessary...