“No seriously. I kinda like my face and teeth, so I’d like to keep them.”
We prefer you hold on to your teeth as well. Lucky for you the mouth guard you will wear will assist that process. It’s totally reasonable to wonder about injury, we suggest you join us for one practice and see what the sport is about. 

“I’m not really an athletic build or particularly fast, is there a place for me?”
One of the great things about rugby is there is a rugby position for everyone. If you’re speedy and love to run, we have a place for you. Are you big and powerful, though maybe sprinting isn’t your life’s calling? No worries, we got a spot perfect for you. Worrying about your current fitness level isn’t a good reason not to play rugby. It’s a sport, so fitness is important but we’ll all work at that together in a positive and fun environment.

“I have no experience with rugby, is that a problem?”
Nope! Our team ranges from people who were collegiate all-stars to folks who have never even thrown a rugby ball. We’re all here to have fun and enjoy this wild and wacky sport. 

What do I need to play rugby?
Rugby is a pretty minimal sport when it comes to equipment. For practice you'll need a mouthguard (you can find one at any sporting goods store), t-shirt and some sturdy shorts. Soccer cleats are totally fine and will do the job. 

Is rugby expensive to play?
Compared to other adult team sports in the Ithaca area, rugby is one of the cheaper options. Dues averge about $70 per season and that covers basically everything (players carpool to games and split gas costs). Players need to purchase rugby shorts (approx. $18), a mouthguard (approx. $1) and must have basic cleats (many people a big fans of buying used, cheap soccer cleats). The team offers numerous payment plans to divide the $70 up into affordable chunks. Our treasurer is amazing and we are dedicated to make rugby accessible to all, regardless of ability to pay. And you don't need to pay dues until you've had enough time to decide if rugby is right for you. 

I am a sophomore in high school, can I join?
Unfortunately, you must be 18 years old to play (silly liability...). We do encourage you to come cheer us on during games!

When are tryouts?
There are no tryouts, nobody isn't getting cut from the team. This is fun, adult communtiy sport, we left evil tryouts behind in high school. Everyone plays each weekend, there is no such thing as riding the bench with the Avengers. If you're great at rugby, you'll play a lot. If you're not so great intially at the sport, you'll play a lot. 

Some good links about the sport, though the best way to discover rugby is to join us at practice!!

Famous Rugby Rookie Primer: The folks at Harvard/Radcliffe bring you a witty guide for the non-rugger

Rugby 101: The YouTube video game version of rugby

Rugby 101(2): If you can’t get enough of the video game version, we have more...

Still got questions? We have answers - email us at ithacarugby@gmail.com
What is this rugby you speak of? Find out below:

People who play or have played rugby are pretty obsessed with it. Some people call it a disease, we just know it’s one of the greatest sports in the world. 

Some basic answers to start your introduction….

“Rugby? I’m gonna get killed. I like my limbs.”
Rugby is a safe sport. Yes, you heard it here. The injury rates are similar to wrestling, a bit higher than soccer, but lower than ice hockey and football. We teach and play safe rugby. We have a certified coach with years of experience that is not a coach/player, her entire role is to make sure we have the best and safest learning experience. Like any sport, injuries do occur and we take injury management incredibly seriously. Rugby is a tackle sport, so there is a lot of contact, but all of us still have our limbs. 
Rugby 101